Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wolf's At The Door

We here are Sutro Park are very excited about our new slab of vinyl. It is a blues comp called Wolf's At The Door, taken from the recordings of Bengt Olsson in the late 60s early 70s. While the Stones were rediscovering Muddy Waters and Sun House, Olsson was finding the folks who were part of the circuit but not as well known or recorded. This is just a sample from the collection of Olsson's recordings.

Aquarius Records says:
"The edges are rough and raw, but the fidelity is surprisingly clear. Killer...powerful...recommended"

Ethan Miller from The Howlin Rain and Comets on Fire says:
" This music bursts from the turn table and floods the smokey air, swirling around you like beautiful ghosts howling curses and prayers from the rafters...A blues collection with its own unique shades and colors...These recordings put you in the room in technicolor and sit you down at the kitchen table with these southern masters...A must for ANY lover of the deepest darkest blues..."